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BROWN BUTTER (Our No.1 Steak hack)

BROWN BUTTER (Our No.1 Steak hack) | Mac & Wild

Simply does it. This is one of our great meat hacks - spoon a couple tablespoons over your flame grilled steak as you serve for the ultimate topper. Its a bit chefy when you read it but trust us it is a good one and very simple to do. Just don't let it burn! If it does, throw it out and start again - there is no road back. 


1 x block unsalted butter


Simply drop a block of butter into a small saucepan on a medium heat. As it starts to melt, turn down the heat to the lowest setting and let it slowly bubble away. You really don't want it going hard or it will burn. We want it brown and caramel scented, not blackened.

This normally takes around 10-20 mins. Little black flecks will gather at the bottom of the pan - this is fine. You simply strain it when you are contented it is ready. Keep at room temperature until ready to serve.