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Lamb Chops & Salsa Verde

Feeds 2 people

There is something about lamb chops and fresh zingy salsa verde that screams winning at life to us! knock together this super simple plate of brilliant produce, flavour and class and enjoy al fresco with a crisp vino in the dappled APRIL sunshine – winning all round!

Prepare the elements in this order…

Roast tatties:

300g waxy potatoes (New or Jersey Royal are ideal) per person (roughly 24 potatoes for 4 people)

100g butter

4 cloves garlic

Sea salt

1 stalk rosemary, leaves picked

Boil the tatties for 20mins then drain and place into a tight fitting roasting dish.

Gently squash the tatties with a masher or small pan so they fit tightly into the dish.

Mince the garlic cloves and rub over the top of the tatties.

Layer the tatties with slices of butter and sprinkle with salt.

Place in the oven at 150C for approx 90mins until golden on top – if not crispy enough, whack the temperature up to 220C for 5-10mins.

This dish can be made a day or two in advance and reheated in the oven.

To serve, rough up the rosemary and sprinkle over the top of the tatties.


For the salsa verde:

1 x small bunch flat leaf parsley (leaves only)

1 x small bunch basil (leaves only)

2 x stalks of mint (leaves only)

1tsp x capers, diced

5 x cornichons, diced

1 x handful of toasted almonds or cashews

3 x salted anchovy fillets

1 x clove garlic, finely diced

100-150ml x extra virgin olive oil or cold pressed rapeseed oil

1 x lemon, juiced

Chop all the herbs into 3mm cubes and place into a small mixing bowl with the capers and cornichons.

Roughly chop the nuts and anchovies and add to the mix along with garlic.

Pour in the oil until and stir until it is a sloppy green mixture then add in the lemon juice.

(You can just pour all the ingredients into a blender but it becomes a paste opposed to a passionately made sauce of beauty. But if you are short of time it is a great solution.)


For the lamb:

4 x 170g Lamb Chops (buy here on the Butcher)

Massage some veg oil and salt into the steak and sear on the BBQ or in a frying pan for 2-3mins on each side – give the steaks a slap with rosemary herb brush if you’re feeling trendy.

Rest them on the side of the BBQ or pop into oven for 5-10mins at 60C.

Assemble with the salsa poured over the warm chops and soak it up with tatties.