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Venison Chateaubriand

This premium roasting joint is probably the most tender cut of meat you can buy - cooked rare it slices with a butterknife. From deer free to roam in the wild loving on a completely natural diet of grasses, berries and lichen - the meat has a milder flavour than some venison.

BreedWild Red Deer and Sika
LocationVarious Highland Estates
SupplierArdgay Game
CommittmentOur venison is the crown of Mac & Wild. All is sourced through Ardgay Game, Andy Waugh's (Mac & Wild co-founders) family Game Butchery business. The venison we use is 100% wild - born and hunted in the Highland wilderness where often the only time they see a human is the moment they are shot - if even then. It is a truly beautiful product that we are very proud to supply. Our venison is as ethical and sustainable as meat comes. Since the UK removed deer's natural predators (bears and wolves), it is our responsibility to help maintain a healthy population level of deer. This is to ensure the natural ecosystem remains in balance in the areas they roam plus the wellbeing of the deer themselves. When populations rise too high, many beasts perish through the cold Northern winters die to lack of food availability.

If you are looking to eat a more sustainable, ethical and healthy meat, and haven't considered wild venison, you really should. There are no fences, husbandry or transport to slaughter involved in the sourcing of this meat. The animals feed on a completely wild diet of grasses, berries, lichen and heather shoots and we don't hunt during the rutting (mating) season to avoid that strong taste people often associate with venison. This is when many deer are shot for human consumption. The deer come down the hills and congregate making it easy to hunt. However the high levels of hormones present in the animals bodies at that time make for meat with an over pungent flavour. At Mac & Wild (and Ardgay Game) we do not hunt during this season. It sometimes means we are without venison for a few weeks but we think it is important. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Chris McDevitt
Bought Venison and Wife might not let me buy Beef Fillet again......

Delivery was on time, food was in excellent condition. All round great experience!

Venison Chateaubriand was excellent. Seared on the BBQ with plenty of salt and cooked very rare they were glorious!

Colin Tivendale
First class

Incredible quality and sensible delivery

Nothing short of amazing

The most tasty bacon and melt in your mouth beef - such a lovely treat to have at home

James Kelly

Chops and venison sausages excellent but chicken average

Caroline Mawer
The most luscious scrumptious soft as butter steak!

I like steak. And sometimes - like with Mac and Wild 6 week steak, I completely LOVE and ADORE steak. My fave is rare blue steak - and very rarely I eat something so soft as butter scrumptious as what I just got from Mac and wild. Thankyou thankyon Thankyou!