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We're proud to be offering a small edit of ANTA stoneware in their Calum Mackinnon design. We love the ANTA products and the whole brand behind them.

ANTA is owned and operated by Annie and Lachie Stewart, friends of Mac & Wild co-founders, Andy Waugh and Calum Mackinnon. Operating from their home up in Fearn in the Highlands, Annie and Lachie have been a constant source of inspiration for Calum and Andy since starting Mac & Wild. Light years ahead of the trends, Anta have been committed to creating contemporary Scottish textiles and homewares, whilst preserving traditional techniques since 1984 when Annie and Lachie established the Scottish Design studio.

Mac & Wild and ANTA share their passion for Scottish lifestyle, culture and heritage. In 2019, Annie produced a customised Calum Mackinnon tartan – a moody and contemporary print that took inspiration from the Mackinnon Clan tartan and Mac & Wild. We love it so much and are incredibly proud to be offering these products we use everyday, both at home and in the restaurants, here on the Mac & Wild Shop.

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