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Sirloin Steak: 6 Week Dry Aged

Cut from the loin. A leaner cut of the steak with a comparatively brilliant flavour profile. Intensified by 6 weeks dry ageing.

BreedHighlanders & Shorthorn
FarmEdinvale Farm, near Elgin, Highlands
FarmerJock Gibson

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Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
The most luscious scrumptious soft as butter steak!

I like steak. And sometimes - like with Mac and Wild 6 week steak, I completely LOVE and ADORE steak. My fave is rare blue steak - and very rarely I eat something so soft as butter scrumptious as what I just got from Mac and wild. Thankyou thankyon Thankyou!

Amazing lamb. Steak full of gristle

Had a deliver with a few amazing racks of land. Delicious. Then next day steak. Very very disappointing. Lots of gristle. Shame.

Wild venison and lamb haggis

Beautiful meaty flavour with light spices- my new favourite haggis

Venison Chateaubriand

A beautifully flavoured and tender piece of meat.
Will definitely order again!

Two Cote de Boeuf

I ordered two cote de Boeufs and two lamb racks, ordering and delivery was spot on, the first cote de boeuf I cooked and was one of disappointment! It was grisly and chewy with about 20% of it tender. It wasn’t great!
I cooked the second one and the lamb racks for Easter lunch and it was all spot on!
The first steak was less than one star and the rest where 5 stars which is why I’ve given it three! Hopefully the bad one was a one off as I would like to order them again!