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Ribeye Pork Steak

Tender and delicious. A great quick meal option. Prepared off the bone for ease.

  • 285g

      BreedMix of native breeds
      FarmGroup of farms from Morayshire, neighbouring Edinvale Farm our beef supplier. All selected by MacBeths our butcher for their excellent practice standards.
      CommittmentAll of our pork is free range with the pigs having access to the indoors and indoor shelter.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 152 reviews
      The most luscious scrumptious soft as butter steak!

      I like steak. And sometimes - like with Mac and Wild 6 week steak, I completely LOVE and ADORE steak. My fave is rare blue steak - and very rarely I eat something so soft as butter scrumptious as what I just got from Mac and wild. Thankyou thankyon Thankyou!

      Amazing lamb. Steak full of gristle

      Had a deliver with a few amazing racks of land. Delicious. Then next day steak. Very very disappointing. Lots of gristle. Shame.

      Wild venison and lamb haggis

      Beautiful meaty flavour with light spices- my new favourite haggis

      Venison Chateaubriand

      A beautifully flavoured and tender piece of meat.
      Will definitely order again!

      Two Cote de Boeuf

      I ordered two cote de Boeufs and two lamb racks, ordering and delivery was spot on, the first cote de boeuf I cooked and was one of disappointment! It was grisly and chewy with about 20% of it tender. It wasn’t great!
      I cooked the second one and the lamb racks for Easter lunch and it was all spot on!
      The first steak was less than one star and the rest where 5 stars which is why I’ve given it three! Hopefully the bad one was a one off as I would like to order them again!